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Nail Depot delivers innovation, quality and price

Whether you are just getting started on your career path or you are entering into the beauty industry later in life, we are pleased to offer beauty school supplies for all your schooling needs. You can purchase from Nail Depot knowing that you are getting quality supplies and reliable equipment and that it will serve you well during your education and for many months into the future.

We love to see and support the beauty industry future, and that’s why we put together beauty school student packages, which consist of:

  • gel kits
  • manicure kits
  • pedicure kits
  • gel polish accessories
  • esthetics supplies
  • and much more!

More than that, we want to offer beauty students salon supplies in an effort to establish an ongoing relationship for after graduation when you are ready to set up your own business and need reliable salon supplies moving forward. We are happy to put together catered packages for you as a student, but working together doesn’t have to end there, and we are interested in forging that relationship for the long term.

We work with several schools across Ontario and Canada, most notably, Trillium College, The Ontario Nail Institute, Ontario Beauty College, Niagara College, Oxford College, and many more. If you need supplies or are simply wondering what the expected cost is for your items and what you will need, please reach out to us. We help both students and schools and are here to make your beauty school supplies purchasing experience as streamlined, simple, and as exciting as possible.

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